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Medralys Great Danes

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Welcome to our web site!

On this home page we'll introduce our loving Great Danes .
We  welcome only people that are responsible and that are devoted to that breed.
So come in and  have a look !
You can send us your comments  . Thanks


FIRST ...We are NOT a puppy mill or a backyard breeder .We are not in a Kennel situation, our Danes do live in the house and are trained with exercice period outside in a fenced up area.
Medralys Great Danes is existing since 1989 . ALL our Danes are CKC Reg'd  NO exception.
All Danes we produce are companion first ( all pets HAVE to be spay or neuter ) ...then if  some are show potential  they will have to go in show.  
We are member of Canadian Kennel Club, Association of Great Dane Fanciers and  Great Dane Club of Quebec .We only do sell our Danes to serious people that have quality time for the dog.
Great Danes are not cheap to buy, feed, care, train and show . Danes do sleep on a bed , not on a floor !
Great Dane is a loveable, sweet, gentle giant that need tenderness , lots of care and love
If some of you really think they are the right person for that breed can contact me to 
 <  418 - 888 - 4133

We hope you'll find the information you need on this site about our Danes !
 We look forward to hear from you .


***MEDRALYS GRAND DANOIS*** Visitez mon site Francais

Here are on the page two wonderful MEDRALYS girls !
Below is Caroline's and Andre's Medralys Harl girl  " Mirka "


For more infos
Sarah LaRose
418 - 888 - 4133
BILINGUE parle  ( Anglais et Francais )
* Web Site created by Medralys
  September 1st / 2005


Favorite song of my Dane boy
Medralys Francis Ford Coppola
"I left my Heart in SanFrancisco"

Medralys Harlequin Great Danes
To contact me
Sarah LaRose
418 - 888 - 4133